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Aquamarine said:



April NPD Hardware units:

PS4: (+0.1% YoY)

XBO: (-10.3% YoY)

Wii U: (-24.8% YoY)

360: (-50.6% YoY)

PS3: (-86.8% YoY)

PSTV: (up 100% YoY)


Industry including handhelds: -19% YOY (this may help for calculating Vita numbers?)


We never got Vita numbers last April though. The only thing I think we can conclude from this is that while PSTV is up Vita handheld hardware must be down a bit from what ever it was last year. 

Currently I have April 2015 total hardware at ~576,800 (no Vita) and April 2016 total hardware at ~470,900 (not Vita and assuming 3DS is at 75k)

That would be about a 18.36% drop YoY. So in order for all consoles to be down 19% something else must be down and it's probably Vita. Or I'm doing something wrong which is very possible.

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