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kowenicki said:
theprof00 said:

Oh boy, looks like we're in store for some massive ps3 undertracking.

EDIT: Just look at the yoy numbers. down 50%? Highly unlikely. The current trend has been ps3 down 22-24%, 360 down 27-29%. PS3 looking like 100k undertracked, and 360 40-50k undertracked.

So you think the PS3 has a shot at outselling the 360!?

that would mean only 2000 sales between them.  

Seriously doubt that. 

Well, I said 100k undertracked but 22-24% down means only about 80k undertracked or so, maybe less.
Numbers are going to be really tight this month though, so a 10k-20 thousand difference seems right.