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elnino334 said:
DMeisterJ said:
@ elnino334

No, you weren't posting it to see if it was significant or not, you posted it because you enjoy taking hits at the PS3, don't backtrack.

LOL sure whatever you say man.  Your entitled to your opinion I get it fine.  I seen you being on the ps3 nuts for more than a month now and you don't see me crying about it taking shots at you in those post untill now since guess is what you want.  Look if you don't like it then don't post is all.  The gta4 for the 360 will have downloaded content we all know that but multplayer that the ps3 may not have I doubt people knew of this.  How about we agree to disagree and just avoid each other ok :)

Since I'm trying to clarify what you said, and call you out for what you've actually done, I'm "on the PS3s nuts"  [Off topic, it's "I've seen you on the PS3s nuts", not what you posted, get your grammar straight playa].  We don't have to agree to disagree, you shouldn't post things, especially if you don't know if it's true or not.  And look at your title "... No multi-player for GTA4 on PS3?", Yeah you threw the question mark in there, but why wasn't it, "GTAIV Multiplayer question", that makes you look like you're taking a hit on the PS3.  It seems like you post every negative thing you can on the PS3.  Another one of your posts was PS3s sitting on shelves after black friday.  You are the one on the PS3s jock.