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Bladeneo said:
kirby007 said:
libellule said:

Microsoft doesn't have any exclusive left able to counter Sony,
I m not talking about exclusive games, I m talking about BIG exclusive game able to counter Sony line-up.

The GTA4 exclusive content/add-on is their last weapon.
If they use it correctly (bundle+price drop), they will win the war,

In the other case, it is game over.

plz try better Ninja Gaiden II, Halo Wars, Turok, Army of Two, Frontlines

 Oh Im sorry I didntknow that Turok and Army of two being released on the PS3 as well means theyre 360 exclusives...

 The only thing confirmed is that GTA4 will have downloadable content on the 360; personally, i dont think the millions buying the game are going to be swayed that much.

ok ok but he didnot do ANY effort 2 search for xbox360, you know what i mean right?

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