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gorgepir said:

Oh and "History is written by the victors" is from Churchill not me of course.

@edit at nintendo fanboy: What I meant was you probably would not be able to convince someone that they are wrong (in their beliefs or even if they have wrong info) by calling them racists. That was what I meant. If you think what he says is wrong, you should prove him wrong without calling him slurs, because that only makes it harder for him to agree with you.

Yeah you are right, but sometimes arguing doesn't help, therefore I reported him and said what I think he is.

@kitler53: lol, you really seem to have bad luck in political issues

@misteromar: the arguments you are using are exactly the same Nazis used, that's all I want to add.

But the thread has been deruled lately, we should go back to the war on iran issue I think. I want to make clear that I am against a war there. I already stated that forcing a country to use democracy just makes the danger grow that extremists will take the power because democratic systems are not stable if they are not widely accepted. That is exactly how Hitler gained power.
Pro-activ attacks are only ok if there is a real danger for other countries or if for example lots of Iranis would ask for help. At the current situation in the world, no middle-east country is a real danger to the world, so no war there can't be apologised imo. The war in afghanistan, and the war in Iraq were huge mistakes. What makes the situation even worse is that the reason for those wars is the importance of the region in terms of oil. As kitler mentioned, only the middle east is important in the USA while there are bad things going on in other parts of the world too.

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