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misteromar mk4 said:
"Economically they are beyond insignificant and technologically they are at least 30 years behind the US. So the only thing I can believe is that you, like Yojimbo, are buying into the propaganda and grasping at straws to jump on the "Its the US's fault" bandwagon."

Yet with all that might and power, america has been getting killed in Iraq by people with very little in the way of resources and its a war they can never win. By not being able to win, america has been defeated.

I can promise america if they stay in their country and stop defending the jews, nobody would hate them and have the desire to attack your country.

The hate for america 100% comes from their love of the jews. The world has ignored the plight of the Palestinian people for 50 years and we have had enough. What the jews have done to Palestinian people is exactly what they cry about the Germans doing to them many years ago. I would say the jews are a 100 times worse to palestinian people than anything they claim the Germans did to them.

Get the hell off the forum you anti-semite. There are two sides to every battle, and to put full blame on the Jews is absolutely blind and foolish. The Palistinians PURPOSEFULLY TARGET INNOCENT CIVILIANS!!! You are a fool if you think the Jewish retaliation to this is WORSE than that. Absolute fool.

What the... CLAIM THE GERMANS DID!?! Are you a damn nazi or something?? Hitler killed millions of innocent Jews in cold blood because of their race. He put them to work in death camps and starved them to death. He took their possessions, shot them in cold blood, put them in gas chambers, torched them in ovens, etc. Men, women and children, all civilians. This is historical fact, not Jewish claims. The Jews have killed thousands of Palistinians in retaliation to palistinian agression (self defense). they have pulled out of Gaza many times and stopped aggression to try and make peace, but the Palistinians still shoot rockets into CIVILIAN AREAS to kill CIVILIANS ON PURPOSE. To make this comparison shows just how blind and foolish you are. You sir, are a completely blind ati-semitic racist fool.