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O noz, the pr0n is back!

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Soriku really shouldn't be looking at pron...Soriku...I recommend you close your browser and find an adult to dl firefox for you....

you see, sadly, when I enter vgchartz I never see porn.

Perhaps I should go back to ie.

I still think you should've focused on fixing the doulbe games that are out there. Just do it like IGN, i.e. FIFA 08, inside it put "Also known as: "FIFA Soccer 08", "FIFA 2008", etc... There are a lot of games that are doubled out there...

Also, missing data for a lot of games.

I absolutely hate the Compare Consoles chart now under "World". I never  really looked at the weekly thing. Why was the option to look at the lines only going up with sales taken out? I uncheck the "Weekly Sales" box, but it is still checked when I click on Compare Consoles.

and are we ever going to be able to select our own time zone?

Highest ranked games by console on the Front Page?