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Forums - Website Topics - Two new mods / news writers

fkusumot said:

W29 sometimes goes off like this:

W29 said:
How can my opinion be wrong? How can you make me change my personal opinion?

fkusumot said:
You could merely be delusional. Not that you are.

W29 said:
Oh so your basically telling me that I'm jealous or have a disorder? Yeah thats what your saying. Can I report that to the mods. I know they would seriously ban you saying dumb sh*t like that.

Also do you have $250 for a Wii and $130 for a DS for me? So I can purchase it?

Cause the last time I checked? I said I want ONE! handheld and ONE! console and the ONE handheld is the PSP and the ONE console is the Xbox 360.

I guess if he had been a mod I would have been banned that day. But whatever.

No you wouldn't have, people think that when I post serious...I'm serious...No thats wrong, I laugh while I'm typing because of the post. So really that was not an good argument.

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sinha said:
your mother said:

Edit: W29 is Tetsuya/Takashii? And some of you are entertaining the thought of having him as a mod.


Yes. It boggles the mind.


 I understand it might, Tetsuya was banned simply because I wanted out on that account, then I made the name Takashii which the mods and ioi at the time ok'd my request. Well that account for some odd reasons had problems, i would log on and the page would give me all these crazy letters and numbers. So I left that account and made W29...There seems to not be a problem with that, if it was mods would banned me a long time ago. I was right and I did the right thing. 

sinha said:

kn said:

I don't have time to focus on writing stories too terribly often and I'd like to see it go to someone like W29...

Are you serious? The guy has like a 300 word vocabulary and can't spell. You want him "writing stories"??

Examples from just this thread:

"I W29 is fit for the job ioi.... I will look after the Microsoft forums and make sure they are well intact and I will also be professional about this job since its serious."

"I would be a great addiction to the mod family, especially adding news for the Xbox 360 side."

"I'm a good writer when I have to be, and ioi promoting me to the writers spot would be a good spot for me, cause I can write and type 360 news left and right... So basically Ben your saying I shouldn't be a mod, but an news writer?"



Plus he's been banned in the past (as have many others that are still being nominated in this thread for some bizarre reason, like soriku and onna76). Obviously people who have been banned before for bad behavior should not be potential candidates.


 Well your always against me anyway, so really I look at your posts and move on.

Congratulations to naznatips, added as the second mod

congrats indeed. nice to have a "lawyer" as a mod......I object!!!!

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ssj12 said:
gebx said:
naznatips said:
cool48 said:
Since according to him, Montana seems to be a Sony fan. I would go with W29 so he could represent the 360 side of things.

Naz (no offense) but it seems that he is neither a SONY or MS fan. (I still think he'd make a good mod though)

None taken. I certainly don't dislike Sony or MS (I own every Sony system except the PS3 and I own an original Xbox but no 360). I plan to buy one of them in the future, but it's true that I'm not a Sony or MS fan. As I said, I'm not sure I'm really what ioi wants right now, but if he feels like I could contribute then I would be happy to do so.

I like Naz.. he'd a good non bias poster... except for his disturbing love of Phoenix Wright, but I won't get into that right now o.0!!

But seriously.. join the dark side, buy a 360!! Bill Gates is calling you!!



what happened to your 4 other perdictions you had in your sig gebx?



Well this is sort of off topic but

1 - Confirmed

2 - Busted

3 - Who knows... maybe some rich millionaire will buy a crap load of 360's... all my estimates for Japan were way too optimistic

4- I feel theirs a good chance of the 360 outselling the Wii and the PS2 this xmas

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Congrats on the modship guys, i'm a bit disapointed that its not a 360/PS3 mod like what was intended, but three new wii mods this week should do wonders for the board community.

Nice job Naznatips!



Ok, 'grats to the new mods. I thought we were looking for 360 and PS3-centric mods hence my nomination... I think this thread needs to be locked now because it serves no useful purpose other than continued character assasination.

I hate trolls.

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yay Naznatips, woo hooo!!!!!