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Forums - Website Topics - The GT Trolling thread, Why?

Sqrl...what is wrong with this thread?

You are calling out the mods in public....and declaring censorship.

You violated one of the Forum Rules...which is that a post shouldn't be about a specific user.

Your post was a hate post that could have been forwarded to a moderator rather than put out for all to see.

Your thread was allowed to survive for for 23 posts. That should have been enough to get it out in the open and be done with it.

Gran Turismo does not have a serious crusade to become a moderator, just a slight twinge of anticipation that he is the right guy for the job. Your initial post in the PS3 Moderator thread was excellent. It fit well within context. You would have been getting applause for days. But you went to far and created a thread soley devoted to that subject. That is your first troll offense....then after that thread gets locked you point fingers at the moderators? Troll number 2. Sorry...but you went to far.