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Banned for having a small avatar and no sig.

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animegaming said:
Banned for having a small avatar and no sig.

Banned for banning yourself.






- "If you have the heart of a true winner, you can always get more pissed off than some other asshole."

Banned for having such a small avatar. What is that, an avatar for ants?

Banned for banning someone for the same reason.



Edit: does the 6 hour rule still count?

Banned for not having a Zelda: Twilight Princess 2005 Pre-game Limited Edition Screenshot Avatar XD!!!1.

I have (or have/had in the household): ZX-81, Commidore 64, Amega, Sega Master System, Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, Gameboy, Playstation, Nintendo 64, Windows 95, Gameboy Colour, Windows 98, Sega Dreamcast, Gameboy Advance, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox, Windows XP, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3, Windows Vista, iPhone, Windows 7, 3DS, Wii U, PS4, Windows 10 & PSVR. Plus, I will be getting the New Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019 :D

and I Don't have: Magnovox Odyssey, Any Atari's, Any Macintosh computers, Nes, Sega Gamegear, Virtual Boy, Sega Saturn, N-gage, Xbox One, PSP, PSVita & Andoid Phone. Plus any non-main-stream consoles/platforms I haven't mentioned.

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Banned for having a Zelda: Twilight Princess 2005 Pre-game Limited Edition Screenshot avatar.