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Forums - General Discussion - Punishment/penalty Mclaren got from FIA

On a sidenote, Sony has not renewed is F1 exclusive license . Could we see EA getting another crack @ F1 games ??
F1 games have been exclusive to PS2,PSP and PS3 since 2003.

Heeeeyyyy!!!! <Snap>

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With rumors of polyphony making a F1 game, have fun Ea.

Hopefully that rumor about Polyphony Digital making a F1 game is true.

Nothing's cheaper than something free.

F1 vs FOTA, when too much power is in couple peoples hands.


kirby007 said:
Hus said:
kirby007 said:



... only because he died on the circuit ...

With a bad car you cant win in the f1


I remember when Damon Hill almost won the 1997 Hungarian grand prix in the piece of scrap that was the arrows by out driving everyone on the track. Alas though due to hydraulic problem he only came second. But it proves you can still do things by being a better driver.