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I predict a 9.5......................................................

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I agree, with you guys that a 9.5 is a very respectable score, and leaves room for improvement. I don't think they needed to find a whole lot of problems with it to give it a 9.5... I mean I am glad it didn't get a 10. It's not perfect, and too many games are given 10s even though they aren't perfect. I think Bioshock is a great example of this. The game is amazing, but it's not FLAWLESS, and that's what the score 10 should be reserved for. There are only two games I have ever played that I felt deserved a 10: Chrono Trigger and Ocarina of Time.

Edit: I made a topic to combine the review topics. We don't really need to flood all of the forums for this one game hehe.

I have played also played two games that deserve a perfect 10. Metroid Prime and Golden Sun. =D

That said seeing the video reviews I think MP3 deserved a better score. And for some reason I don't think SSBB will get a better score. SMG a definate yes but not SSBB. I just have an inkling lol

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1UP - 9.0 

IGN - 9.5

It is a hardcore game through and through. You will get your ass kicked by bosses. You will be stumped by the sometimes complex, but never overbearing, exploration.
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9.5 is a fricking great score. 9.0 from 1 up is an amazing score. A lot of the people at this forum were swearing that they were goong to give it an 8.5. I'll take my 9 and be happy. I think some have lost sight of how good these scores are because of the Bioshock reviews. Just think, this could've ended up much worse.

i called it first.. :evil...(see post 2 in this thread.

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