Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will a movie based off of a videogame ever reach Dark Knight status

I think it can happen.

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A Halo movie could probably do it if M$ markets it the way they do the Halo games. Ads all over coke-cans, candy,and fast food promotional tie ins. They really know how to advertise something like a summer blockbuster so why not an actual movie.

I would love to see an Ico or SotC movie. However I think they would meet the same fate as the games garnering critical acclaim but not many tickets sold. Although people maybe willing to give a larger chance since I'm they are less mainstream and people wouldn't automatically associate them with videogames. Uncharted could be now that the Indiana Jones series is over.

Nintendo could do a lot with their franchises. They probably wont but I could see great movies coming from LoZ, Star Fox(done by pixar or dream works), or F-Zero.