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Aiemond said:
darthdevidem01 said:

exactly my point

stop embarassing yourself

TLR was truly crap.

n FF doesn't succeed cus of name alone.....they are actually decent games

why is Valkyria Chronicles the highest rates JRPG for this generation of consoles despite being a new IP

this "conspiracy against 360 JRPG's by western reviewers" is getting sick



What conspiracy? We already know that western reviewers get paid off by the companies or control what they can publish before the game comes out. We established this during the GTA fiasco. Taking western reviews seriously is like believeing the used car salesman that states the car runs fine.

Chill guys. If you want honest RPG reviews go to specialist RPG websites like RPGfan. The mainstrem reviewers often try to cater for what the general public will like. Actual RPG websites review with the hardcore RPG in mind. So their reviews tend to differ alot from say IGN or Gamespot.

And if people let there fanboyism down a notch they would be able to say that LO, VC, TOV and most likely SO4 are the best this gen so far. Games like Disgea 3 or TLR arent the best but they aren't crap. But this gen isnt that bad for JRPG's, it's because we were spoiled last gen on PS2.

WRPG's however are probably having their best gen ever. With games like Oblivion, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Mass Effect those 4 games in particular all could be the best WRPG ever. ME for instance in my opinion is Biowares best ever work.