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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Official September NPD Thread (Data at 6:30 PM EST ~4 hours from now)

Warner Interactive's LEGO Batman was available for 12 days during NPD's September period, and three versions ranked in the top 20. The PS2 was the lead version at #12, and the Wii and Xbox 360 versions ranked #18 and #19 respectively for the month.

Given Mr. Pachter's earlier comments, we can say that the Wii version of LEGO Batman had sales over 100,000, while the Xbox 360 was probably just below 100,000.


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Poor Silent Hill. It looked kinda fun.

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According to the NPD, Mercenaries 2 SKUs placed sixth and sixteenth on the top 20 for the September period. This makes the title third best selling on Xbox 360 and PS3 and the fourth best selling on PS2 during the month. Overall, Mercenaries 2 sold 520,000 copies across all platforms (including PC) during September, including 297,000 on the Xbox 360 alone.


Also, someone on Neogaf leaked some of the games which made the top 10 in October's NPD, apparently NPD now provide an early preview to some subscribers:

1 [360] Fable 2
2 [Wii] Wii Fit

Other top tens (alphabetically listed):

X [360] Dead Space
X [360] Fallout 3
X [PS3] LittleBigPlanet
X [360] Saint's Row 2


According to the link: Fable 2 > Fallout 3 (X0) > GHWT > LBP
It looks like LBP is the lone PS3 title in the top 10.

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