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Viper1 said:
Confidence is not the same thing as cocky.

Assertive is not the same thing as hyperbole.

Pride is not the same thing as arrogance.

Some of you would do well to learn the differences.

Here, here!


I agree with this man.

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well it makes me feel better that my investment into the ps3 was a great idea. i buy a console because of its lifespan 10yrs is great, xbox360 has too many similarities games wise to a pc and considering how the xbox support or there lack of after a few years.

i see a few xbox fanboys saying how ms will beat sony and will beat them with a new console when it comes out sooner. seriously do u really want ms to bring out another console so soon? considering how great there support for previous products are?(sarcasm) well good luck with that, meanwhile the ps3 and ps2 are still happily sitting side by side being played on, with new games and new accessories.

but all is well, competition is healthy, i wouldnt want any one of the 3 giant companies to be the only console makers. that would be a horrible thing for consumers.

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