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Forums - Sales Discussion - Obligatory Wii Music prediction—the number is 750,000

Still haven't counted the tally of my predictions from last year and this year (busy busy busy). But in a recent thread I wrote about the fate of Madden 2010 (see here and scroll down: ), in the midst of that conversation Gamerace mentioned something of interest...

Gamerace said:

The last time I made a prediction on Madden I ended up eating crow so I think I'll stay clear this time. Madden isn't my forte. But I don't think MS will give up it's Madden crown without putting up a big fight.

BTW: I'm surprised we havn't gotten a Wii Music prediction from you yet.

Well worry no more, Gamerace and Co., the shooting Starman has played the salsa beat across the night sky and I'm glowing rainbows.

"What John?"

I have a prediction, OK? Wow. Nobody likes my Nintendo-themed metaphors. It was supposed to signify inspiration from the heavens where luck is lef...never mind.

Opening week Wii Music sales: 750,000 minimum

VGChartz will display 3/4 of a million to display for Wii Music's opening week.

NPD's October monthly which we won't see until November will show that Wii Music clears 1,200,000 from that October 20th North American release date to the end of their October tracking period.

Like the others in the Wii series like Sports, Play, and Fit, Wii Music will be a tattoo on the monthly top ten in both VGC's & NPD's figures. It won't leave that list for months, years even.

That's right, laddies and gentlewomen, Wii Music will be yet another record-breaking success for Nintendo and its Wii. Usually when Nintendo enters a growing genre they innovate it to their benefit. Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and the rest will still run wild but Wii Music will carve out a nice chunk of this market for themselves. Those who find Guitar Hero and Rock Band too complex to learn will love Wii Music.

By year's end I expect Wii Music to exceed 3,000,000 in just U.S. sales alone.
Worldwide I expect them to clear 5,000,000 by year's end.

Yeah it's a little late but I gotta put something down for the record. Haven't been very active this year I admit.

Enjoy everybody!
John Lucas

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750k first week is not impossible.
I do find 5 million by years end to be a bit high though.
2-3 would be much more realistic.

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John Lucas is always right.

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I see your 750k and raise you by 250k.

This is the first game I want to succeed big time just so I can see the topics and replies by people who hate it.

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I'm torn. Do I want this to do well or not? Hmmm.

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5 million by year's end? I don't see how that could be possible. I think about 2 million. I predict life time sales of about 8 million. That's 8 million people duped into buying crap.

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I am hoping for at least 5 million at the end of the year. Lifetime, 20 million would be sweet.