Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anti-Spore site launches, cites “attack on Christian values”

Rofl. Fanatics. Most western societies separate church from state, live by your own rules but if you dont like someone else's religious/scientific beliefs , tough!

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As long as there accusations are true I have no objection to the site.

people that create sites like that are hurting my christian values and feelings and make me think of evil things ...

*Sigh* Stupid people... Can't anyone understand that it's JUST A GAME and that it doesn't mean to attack any beliefs at all...

The worse this game does, for some people, is open their eyes to endless possibilities about the universe.

Is it wrong to think for yourself?

hsrob said:
Played_Out said:
That's funny. I thought it was an attack on Darwinian values.


One can subscribe to evolution without being a Darwinist in the same way that someone can believe in God without prescribing to a particular relgion. Darwin may have put a name to it but the force was there long before him.

Obviously, or else he never would have developed the opposable thumbs necessary to write his theory down!

I don't understand what point you are trying to make, though. The Darwinian evolutionary model of natural selection is  universally agreed upon by the mainstream scientific community, and is supported by mountains of incontrovertible evidence. Clearly, Spore flies in the face of this theory by incorporating mechanics that support the anti-scientific (read: theological) theory of "Intelligent Design".

Or are you suggesting that animals might have evolved by breaking open meteors to find new body parts???

Seriously though, I don't have any problem with Spore's take on evolution, apart from the fact that a game based on the concept "survival of the fittest" would have provided a lot more interesting and original gameplay. Collecting "upgrades" to improve stats is a mechanic that has been done to death. As it stands, the game may as well have not been about evolution at all.


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Belief attack ! hurry.. to the batmobile !

Check out my game about moles ^

Only blinded christians could possibly believe that because a book written by monks + the catholic church in the middle ages telling them the are EVIL and tainted because of something that someone did thousands of years ago, and that the only way to not be EVIL!!! is give 10% of their gross income is a fool.

I identified myself as a christian and was brought up in a christian private school for years. My mother is an extremist christian. When i told her i was gay she kicked me out of home without a blink of an eye, although i had already decided to move into my BFs place.

Christians are mostly horrible closed minded people.

I_Heart_Nintendo said:
Christians are mostly horrible closed minded people.


generalizations are bad

I'm a christian and I have absolutely no problem with homosexual people.

Lafiel said:
I_Heart_Nintendo said:
Christians are mostly horrible closed minded people.


generalizations are bad

I'm a christian and I have absolutely no problem with homosexual people.


Exactly!  There is no way every one will agree on everything, but Christ was acceptant and tolerant of all those who called upon Him because we all need Him and He listened.  And those who are with His are to be like Him.

Hackers are poor nerds who don't wash.

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vlad321 said:
Jordahn said:
chenguo4 said:




No point in commenting here. Arguments with no intelligence.



Agreed. Arguments with religion just doesn't work, you can't prove anything either way. The only arguments - for both sides - are pretty bullshit.

I think people usually choose to belive something (or are just raised in it and thus have no choice), then try to find a reason for it, rather than finding a reason to believe something and then believing it. 

That said, it's kinda fun to bullshit sometimes.

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