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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Julian Eggebrecht: Wii-developers are sloppy

You don't need cutting edge graphics for games in the Wii Series(Music, Sports, Health) and other games targeted at the non-gaming audience. And they actually move systems off the shelves despite this graphical "flaw". Nintendo's plan seems to be to attract the non-customers into the fold first since they outnumber the current limited gaming market and amass an install base overwhelming enough that developer just cannot afford to ignore the Wii. Then the hardcores will follow once support for the other system falters. See New market disruption. Note that most developers on the PS3 today started their game developments starting in 2005. Many developers were caught off guard with the success of the Wii and were literally caught with their pants down, and we get dirty ports. The encouraging thing is that they actually support the Wii now, even if its just with mediocre titles. Fortunately, Nintendo has the advantage of also being one of the most prestigious and respected publisher and developer in video games so the dirty ports are just icing on the cake. Talking about the quality of third party games today is kinda moot, since I look at them as supporting characters for now, not the main lead. The Wii Series is the star of the Wii at this point of its life and it will move systems the same way Nintendogs did with the DS and its funny because they are largely ignored by the traditional gaming market.

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Yulegoat said: I like the Wii, but I also think that graphics matter. Some of the developers seem to think it's ok to just make games with bad audiovisuals. I don't mean only effects. Where's the cool art design in Elebits seen in the concept art? GT Pro Series and Far Cry must have been meant as utter jokes.
Not utter jokes, but shameless cash ins. GT was a straight port of a crappy gamecube title that was Japan only. Farcry... we shall not even speak of that (or Prince of Persia rival swords when it comes out). As for amazing graphics, so far one of the main reasons we haven't seen RE4/Rouge Squadron type graphics is because we haven't seen those types of games yet either. Wii series/Warioware/ Quick cash ins. So far the big Epic quest game is Twilight Princes, which does look amazing, but is still a gamecube game graphically. Red Steel had SOME great graphics, but was rushed. It looks like as those more epic games arrive, so will the graphics. Prime 3, Mario, The RE game. Even Sonic and SSX Blur look pretty good. So yes, some dev's have been sloppy. But thats more just because at the last minute they jumped on board when they realized the big buzz.

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