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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox 2024 Prediction League - First point tally

TheLegendaryBigBoss said:

Dragon age is exclusive?

Its comeing to windows (steam I assume), playstation 5, Series S/X.

Im also with people scoreing this on the low side.

Hearing about their "restart" of the project, where tons of "old guard" devs left, and then lateron, a series of producers, takeing turns to leave...
Thats a high turnover rate.    The fact that combat is so changed, the look & feel (neon pink colours?), of the game isn't really what old Dragon Age was (it doesn't feel like its a true dragon age game).  I'm expecting this to be a 7 out of 10, and only because reviewers are generous with scores. Fan score, will be lower.

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Dragon Age: 88.
Indiana Jones: 90
Flight Sim: 85
Stalker 2: 85
Towerborne: 80
Age of Mythology: 90
Ara: 70
Avowed: 90

Dragon Age is going to be great, new devs, old devs, same shit (nostalgia aside). I go with a 88; what I saw from the Xbox showcase is looking pretty darn good to me.

Indiana Jones: 87
Flight Sim: 84
Stalker 2: 77
Towerborne: 76
Age of Mythology: 82
Ara: 72
Avowed: 81

It's time for the year's first tally for the Xbox League. I've decided to do them once per quarter moving forward, but since the first half of the year has been rather slow for Xbox exclusives we only have 1 game to tally up here at Q2, namely Hellblade II which ended up at a score of 81.

So after 1 game we currently have @VersusEvil at a pretty convincing first place at 11 points and @Chicho at second place with 6 points.

With only 7 games left will anybody be able to close the gap? Very unlikely, but we shall see.

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