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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How Powerful will be Switch 2?


Which console will be close in performance?

XB1 9 10.98%
PS4 24 29.27%
PS4 pro 27 32.93%
XB1X 4 4.88%
XBox Series S 14 17.07%
PS5 2 2.44%
XBox Series X 2 2.44%

An RTX 2050 with modern ARM cores is significantly beyond a PS4, I would say that's closer to an XBox Series S than a PS4.

Digital Foundry were running Cyberpunk 2077 at settings equivalent to the PS5 version of the game and running games like A Plague's Tale Requiem, which is one of the best looking next-gen exclusives and these games aren't even specifically optimized for that chip, if you had an actual dev team sit down and specifically tailor every bit of performance and coded specifically for that chip, you're probably talking another uptick in performance past even what DF was getting. 

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Pemalite said:

Correct. 1440P doesn't need to be the target for a VRAM bottleneck.

That wasn't my argument.

As for the 3050 4GB vs 6GB.

Keep in mind the 4GB actually has a 128bit memory bus (4x 32bit) and the 6GB model has a 96bit memory bus (3x 32bit) and in very bandwidth-demanding scenarios, the 4GB card can actually be faster depending on the demands of the software.

However, if everything is not kept equal...
3050 6GB - 2560 Cuda Cores @ 1237Mhz
3050 4GB - 2048 Cuda Cores @ 1237Mhz

Then the 6GB part is the obvious winner by sheer increase in functional processing units.

The 3050Ti will often show a sizable advantage over the 6GB variant due to it's higher levels of bandwidth, especially when a ton of alpha effects are being used.

A high probability that 1080P is not the target.

When the RTX 3050ti does outperform the RTX 3050 6GB, we're looking at 5%-10% gains in average framerates (but still often worse 1% lows.) When the RTX 3050 6GB outperforms the RTX 3050ti 4GB, such as in Assassins' Creed Valhalla or Forza Horizon 5, we're looking at 30-70% higher average framerates (and much better 1% lows.) 

The 3050ti and 3050 6GB have the same number of CUDA cores (which is why I didn't bring up the 3050 4GB.) 

Notice the 1940 Mhz core clock for the 3050ti versus 1785 Mhz for the 3050 6GB. The 13450HX is a moderately better CPU than the 5600H, but neither seems to be over-utilized (although I suppose we would have to see each core to tell for certain.