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The Fury said:
-Adonis- said:

I love deaths in stories, trust me about that, but Nomura did the right thing : he stopped the team to kill everyone except Cloud and two other members lol.

This all depends on the context of the death, whether it helps motivations of characters, what it sounds like is Nomura stopped needless deaths of characters. Aeris' death had a point, the rest did not.

However, the same can't be said to all those characters who for some reason are still alive in the KH series. Basically I spent KH1 and 2, BBS and DDD defeating all those enemies just for them to be "We back and now in greater numbers." in KH3.

Add a new villain, come on Nomura, and dress them in something that isn't a black cloak... get over them, they aren't cool.

I don't like Kingdom Hearts, that's just not for me. So I don't know what happens in this saga.

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Leynos said:
gtotheunit91 said:

IIRC, FF16 is using the same engine as FF14 since it's the same development team. They had to overhaul the engine to not look like an MMORPG. Which, FF14 does look pretty good for an MMO, but that may be the reason as to why the graphics in FF16 may seem ugly at times, but it still looks really good overall imo. Just the closeups that look meh.

FF7R used Unreal Engine which of course is capable of insane graphics. The game itself I was very "meh" the presentation and combat were fantastic, but the story and side much filler that I wanted to call it Filler Fantasy lol.

But, FF16 is definitely looking like a return to form for the series! Aside from the reservations old school fans will have of the combat system and lack of a party system lol

 I love ARPGs so the combat was never a concern and I know that the former combat director of DMC worked on this game. One of my fave RPGs in the last few years in Scarlet Nexus. I love the idea of merging Stylish Action with an RPG. My concern is broader and in general, SE kinda sucks in so many ways as a Publisher and FF Mainline SP games have been largely bad for 20 years. (btw FF Strangers in Paradise Origin is awesome, didn't include it before since it's not mainline)

Edit: Side note while not SE. People probably forgot CD Project invited Websites and YT's to play a preview build of CP2077 and all were positive about it. Then launch came and we know the rest.

While the FF series has also become hit-or-miss for me, I like FF7R so far and I haven't played FF15. But the fact that I didn't feel like playing FF15 yet says a lot about my excitement for the series. Considering it was a franchise that I had to play Day 1 no matter what prior to FF13. (And I wasn't too big of a fan of FF12 either.)

That said, I haven't even played FF14, but if there is one director on this planet I trust to not release a wildely unfinished game, it's the FF14 director Yoshi P.

This is a very interesting watch. Not just because it details how he was brought in to salvage the mess that was FF14 1.0, and the way he did it to turn it into one of SE's most profitable and criticallt aclaimed games ever.
But it goes over a lot about what was going on in Square Enix at the time. He explains why he thinks SE became arrogant after the PS2 era for example.

The FF14 team definitely has some of the most talented and dedicated people in the business.
Their composer Soken for example composed tracks while going through painful cancer treatment from his hospital bed, without telling anyone on the team about it.

If the game will be my cup of team remains to be seen. but I have zero concerns about it being rushed out too early.
I don't think it will be flawless at release, but I doubt it's going to be anything close to a mess. 

Speaking of which, I don't recall people actually tresting Cyberpunk early builds? I remember there being a screening for a select audience years (?) before it realesed, and then when it was close to release they didn't send out review codes to a lot of people, and put the review embargo on the release day, iirc.

In this case, SE are letting people test the game close to release, and are being open about which are earlier builds and which are later builds, as people got to test sections of the game based on various builds as I heard Max explain in one of the vids in the OP.


Adding further credence to this:

And the game went Gold on March 31.

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Leynos said:
JuliusHackebeil said:

It's really funny as in the first town you arrive in XV you get the news of the King's demise by newspaper...when they have smartphones. ROFL what? And yeah the wedding dress is one of the dumbest things ever. Watch those trailers from 2015 E3 and before. There is so much they show never in the final game.

They have this big open area in the early hours then put you in a hallway rest of the game and then there was chapter 13. Xenoblade X is a better game. Then again Xenoblade series has been kicking FF's ass in writing and big worlds since the series' inception.

Yeah, after all these years it somewhen just was not in the cards anymore for ff15. Trailers looked so incredibly promising, that I feel incredibly stupid for believing them. And I never thought about the smart phone stuff. My god, how tone def can your writing get?

I never played Xenoblade, but frim what you are saying, perhaps I should give it a try.

Bandorr said:
gtotheunit91 said:

I mean, Nintendo was able to do it with Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which went from a September 2022 release date to end of July 2022 without a hitch, but I get what you mean. Plus, FF16 will be a much bigger game than XC3.

I didn't know that game got moved up. That's interesting I wonder why they moved it.  But yeah FF16 is gigantic, many multiple levels bigger. I'm going to go read about XC3 - thanks!

Budget wise, marketing and graphics fidelity wise I guess because from what has been discussed, FFXVI takes back a much linear approach to it's traversing design. Much more focused. Which is good because we know how meddling it turned out for the last mainline FF.

Xenoblade Chronicles since it's debut has been a monolithic of the open world genre, although technically they work more so with big open space areas. Big but tightly design and a sense of scale few can meet.

Not only that, but the stories in themselves are amongst the longest you'd find in the RPG genre nowadays. So there's no lack of ambitions on what they do.

In some ways, I think both series aspire in similar ways to push aspects of the medium forward ambitiously. It's just that one of them has more capital and technological horse behind it than the other for obvious reasons when you look at the respective platforms they are on.

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