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First Party Development:

Team Asobi


Bend Studio

Open world TBA






Narrative Adventure TBA

Multiplayer Action TBA


Concord (2024)

Guerrilla Games

Horizon Online TBA



Fairgame$ (TBA)



Insomniac Games

Spider-Man 2 (2023)

Wolverine (TBA)

London Studio

Live service fantasy (TBA)

Media Molecule


Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Online (TBA)




Polyphony Digital

Gran Turismo 7 support

San Diego Studio

MLB The Show 24

Santa Monica Studio

Cory Barlog TBA

Savage Game Studios

Mobile Title TBA

Sucker Punch

TBA (Ghost of Tsushima)

Valkyrie Entertainment


XDev and publishing partners

loongforce, Inc Convallaria (2023)
SHIFT UP Stellar Blade (2023)
First Contact Entertainment Firewall Ultra (2023)
Team Ninja Rise of the Ronin (2024)
Ultizero Games Lost Soul Aside (TBA)
Kojima Productions  Death Stranding 2 (TBA)

Company News:

Sony enters agreement to acquire Firewalk from ProbablyMonsters

Game News:

Convallaria to be published by SIE

Stellar Blade to be published by SIE

Firewall Ultra announced by SIE

Rise of the Ronin announced by SIE, Team Ninja

Lost Soul Aside to be published by SIE

Death Stranding 2 announced

Bend Studio's future

Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 announced by Insomniac Games

London Studio developing online co-op combat game set in fantasy London

Media Molecule working on new project

Movie and Television Productions:

TV series:

The Last of Us - HBO (Out now)

Twisted Metal - Peacock (2023)

God of War - Amazon (TBA)

Horizon - Netflix (TBA)


Gran Turismo Movie (August 11, 2023)

Days Gone Movie (TBA)

Ghost of Tsushima Movie (TBA)

Gravity Rush Movie (TBA)

Recent PlayStation Production News:

Twisted Metal coming to Peacock on July 27th, 2023

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We had been talking about recreating the PlayStation Nation thread since the previous thread had no OP. So here it is.

The OP is a little rough. Any suggestions are welcome to fix the OP.

As always bring news, discussion, impressions, reviews for all things PlayStation.

Finished Like a Dragon Ishin! What a great game. Also nice to play one of these in the older style again. Makes me want to do another playthrough of Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise Again. With so many Samurai games last few years, Capcom should make a new Onimusha. it was Ni-Oh before Ni-Oh.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I guess tagging this, too.

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Final Fantasy is Life !

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Tagging thread as I continue to play LoD.

I'm loving all the stellar previews Final Fantasy 16 is getting. The massive boss battles got me hype! I haven't been this excited for this series in decades.

Blood_Tears said:

Tagging thread as I continue to play LoD.

The new thread just started and there is already LoD love on it.

Couldn't have started better.

Final Fantasy XVI might very well be shaping up to be the best single player Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy X.

Destiny 2 has set a new record for CCU on Steam with 300K+ with the release of Lightfall.

I think its safe to say Sony got Bungie for a bargain, counteracting some initial sentiment that they overpaid, and that Destiny 2 still has a lot of mileage left with another expansion, rumored mobile port, and PlayStation Productions transmedia push.