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Forums - Sales Discussion - Ultimate Console Showdown: 2023 + Charts - April 29th


Who will win 2023 ?

PS5 20 62.50%
NSW 11 34.38%
XBSX 1 3.13%
Switch 2 releases and beat all 0 0%
yo33331 said:

Numbers updated with WEEK 5,6,7 and 8 for every comparison!
Charts have been updated.

PS5 comparison has been changed to vs PS4'17, as PS5 shows very good sales for now.
And despite comparing it to almost 20M sales year, it is in the lead for now.

Japan comparisons thread: JAPAN Console Showdown: 2023 + Charts

If Sony can keep supplying this might be the first PS>20m year since the PS2 back in 2002*. I suspect they are just shipping everything they can at the moment to try alleviate the pent-up demand, but if capable of 400k+ per week then that would be almost 21m.

*we don't have sales numbers but Sony's "production" shipments in 2002 were 24.6m so almost certain it sold over 20m that year.

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Numbers updated with WEEK 9,10,11,12 and 13 for every comparison!
Charts have been updated.

Last edited by yo33331 - on 20 April 2023

Numbers updated with WEEK 14, 15, 16 and 17 for every comparison!
Charts have been updated.