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Would You Play World of Warcraft on Xbox?

Yes 13 37.14%
No 22 62.86%

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Spade said:

Any good games yall xbots see/getting for Black Friday?

So far the only game I've picked up is Hogwarts Legacy since it was an actual good deal. This black friday is pretty mediocre overall, the only other game I'll pick up is probably RE4 Remake. Waiting for the Walmart sale of 29.99 to go live on Wednesday as everyone else seems to just be discounting it to 39.99. Was tempted to pick up Jedi Survivor for 29.99 but I'll probably wait for GamePass on that one.

Last year black friday was a lot better than this year's. 

No deals for me. I was hoping The Talos Principle would be on sale. I’ve got plenty in my backlog to play tho, plus BG3 launching soon so the last of my gaming budget this year is going to that.

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Spade said:

Any good games yall xbots see/getting for Black Friday?

Most of the games I bought were legacy games from Xbox and Xbox 360 era on the Xbox Black Friday sale.

A lot of Star Wars, Battlefield and a few other series.

I also did buy Halo Infinite for $15 from Best Buy.

Minecraft Legends Deluxe from Amazon for $20 and Dark Souls Remastered too.

Other than that, most of my purchases were for the Switch and some on PS4 (mainly RE games).

I did buy Digimon Survive and LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga Galactic edition for Steam/PC.

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Man, Alan Wake II was pure quality from start to finish. Truly an exceptional gaming experience especially after 13 years of waiting for a sequel. Exceeded all my expectations and then some. Casting, writing, soundtrack everything spot on!

I just wish they'd make Quantum Break sequel too but it doesn't seem likely :/

I don't think I'll buy anything from bf sale. I haven't finished Redfall & Alies: Dark Descent yet and I finally started playing AC: Valhalla. This game looks freaking gorgeous!

Mediamarkt has some good deals in stores aswell,  COD MWIII is 59.99€/Res IV  24,99€  I was on the fence but hoped for some SDD storage deals (saw some deals outside EU with 89;99 for 1 TB deals.

+ Because disney dreamlight valley will not be free to play; will possible go from gamepass soon and the cheapest edition will dissapear next month I bought the cheapest edition game for 8€ (thanks to MS rewards)

I think some difficult talks are gonna be had Xbox soon, looking to be the second worst Xbox gen and at this point, probably the last,

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