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I won’t be watching Geoffs show, guy has as much enthusiasm for anything Xbox as a dead nat. Heck … Jim Ryan has more enthusiasm for Xbox than Geoff.

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VersusEvil said:

I won’t be watching Geoffs show, guy has as much enthusiasm for anything Xbox as a dead nat. Heck … Jim Ryan has more enthusiasm for Xbox than Geoff.

For some reason I really dislike this guy. I will catch up on whatever is relevant to me later with trailers on YouTube

Machiavellian said:
Angelus said:

I wasn't interested in blame at all. I just want MS to actually pay attention to their studios, and take action, when necessary, to ensure that they're charting the best possible path forward...even if it means making some unpleasant choices from time to time. I want them to be pro-active, instead of reactive after the fact. And I'm utterly baffled by the fact that some people apparently think that's somehow unreasonable. 

That is the key, you actually do not know how much or little MS actually does pay attention.  You do not know the communications that was going on between Bethesda and MS, the agreements between both companies.  For all we know, Bethesda was telling MS everything is great and there was never a reason for MS or Phil to doubt those accounts.  There is always a trust between companies when they merge especially if they also have top management.  What you want is oversight from MS but that is not always the best option. Micromanaging another company can have your work force leave in droves.  MS doesn't need to micromanage Bethesda, they need Bethesda to make sure they are communicating projects correctly.  There is a lot of information we are missing which is what I am saying.

I personally do not believe MS need to micromanage any of their studios as long as those studios are communicating with MS correctly.  The reason you bought those studios because they were successful in know how to make games so you let them continue to do what they do best.  In this instance, there were issues and its obvious it was not correctly communicated properly.  Noticed how Phil took the fall as well he should but we did not see Tom take any blame.  I am sure both Todd and Phil had some long and uncomfortable talks about how this cannot happen again.

Phil literally did a teary eyed interview where he himself said that they were not actively engaged enough with Arkane, and that they need to rework their whole internal processes. All I can do is look at the information as it's presented to me. 

I didn't say that MS needs to micromanage Bethesda. I should HOPE that they don't need to be micromanaging their studios, looming large over them like a scolding parent. But they DO need to be involved. Certainly involved enough to see red flags developing, and be in a position to intervene and stop a potentially bad situation from spiraling. This is not a binary situation of either MS totally hands off, or MS checking their pockets at the door and telling them what to eat.

And it would be one thing, if there had never been any issues with their hands off approach before, but that's not the case. It's simply not good enough to keep using this philosophy as a shield and try to pass the buck to studio heads, and now Bethesda. Is there culpability there? Of course. But Phil, I hope, understands that at the end of the day, it falls on him to make sure they are not simply reacting in the aftermath of these situations. I'm kinda tired of talking about this now honestly, cus I feel like I just keep repeating myself, and some of you are just kinda cool with "shit happens, it was somebody else's fault, very unfortunate, oh well, hope we trust better people next time." I'm just not with that. 

Like Shaunodon said before's not like Redfall was some game you were just vaguely aware of either...or at least you shouldn't have been. You made it the final piece of your first E3 show with Bethesda. You highlighted it again the year after, and then made it one of the pillars of the developer direct to start the year. At any of these points, did you actually review the state of the game? For longer than like 2 minutes? Wtf does that process look like over there? I mean Phil is always talking about meeting the teams to review stuff in preparation for these events. How in depth are these reviews for anything that isn't Starfield? We know you care about much did you care about Arkane? How much do you care about Ninja Theory, Obsidian, etc? 

MS needs to ENGAGE with their teams. Not micromanage them. Not babysit them. Not leave them to their own devices until something goes wrong. Just. Fucking. Engage. Be involved.

That's all I got to say on it.

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Rod on IGN's Podcast said that before leaving The Coalition they already knew they were going to change from Unreal Engine 4 to Unreal Engine 5 and it would take 18 months to change the technology, plus there is the design, plus there is the game and everything else, Rod likes shipping games and knew it would be a long way away for Gears 6, he didn't want to wait 5+ years to ship another game so he joined Diablo team.

Might be a while for Gears 6! I didn't expect a change to Unreal Engine 5 to take 18 months. He also said this, Lol.

"I did want to make sure when I left The Coalition that I left them in a good place," Fergusson said. "So I did write the synopsis story for Gears 6. If I were to have stayed, here's the game we would have made--at least from a story perspective. Now they probably threw that out and said, 'Good luck and goodbye.' And that's fine. I definitely had where I would go with 6."

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Rod seeing Diablo V is 10 years away.

Now I wonder if he'll leave the Diablo team

I always say I'm not going to watch Geoff's show but I end up doing so anyway. Here's to another year of me saying I'm not watching it and then doing the opposite.

NobleTeam360 said:

I always say I'm not going to watch Geoff's show but I end up doing so anyway. Here's to another year of me saying I'm not watching it and then doing the opposite.

Then complaining about it.

It's tradition.