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When is FY22 exactly and where is the Oblivion remaster?

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Nice to see that switch to ARM is considered for next gen Xbox. I do think 2028 is a bit late tbh. I doubt next gen Xbox launches later than 2027 at this point, but who knows. That "AI hybrid" stuff really sounds like something taken from 2013 Xbox One vision.


Spade said:

Phil gonna wake up angies... Looking good though. Excited for the Remasters if true. 


Honestly, I doubt Phil will care much, Zenimax though might be pissed. I wonder what Doom Year Zero is? Prequel? Project Platinum? Another Licensed IP? Fallout 3 Remaster is cool. Surprised Ghostwire Tokyo sequel is in development and honestly Dishonoured 3 as well but good news!

shikamaru317 said:

My thoughts on everything that leaked:

The Good

-Fantastic Zenimax schedule, Indiana Jones releasing sooner than anyone expected, the earlier Oblivion remaster leak confirmed and Fallout 3 getting a remaster too, licensed IP game coming (likely the Star Wars Mandalorian game that has been rumored in the past), Dishonored 3, a brand new codename game Project Platinum, current Doom series #3, and Ghostwire Tokyo getting a sequel all in a span of just a few years

The Bad

- Not a single physical model planned for the mid-gen refresh, no disc drive S model, no X refresh model with disc drive, and no plug-in disc drive either like Sony is doing on their PS5 refresh, RIP physical on Xbox

- Local/cloud hybrid hardware plans for next-gen, sounds like a huge disaster in the making to me, infrastructure is still not ready for cloud gaming even in the US and won't be by 2028 either, and the situation is even worse in other countries, a cloud focused console is DOA in developing markets where gaming is starting to grow like South America and Africa. I think I may be going with PC/PS6 next gen if Xbox goes through with this plan.

Yeah, a fantastic Zenimax schedule but bare in mind these are old documents, Starfield and the others did NOT release in FY21 and so this release schedule is completely wrong by today, it could give us a good sense of what is next but I wouldn't pay too much attention to the dates with this being years outdated, some titles could be delayed significantly.

Isn't the "mid-gen refresh" the same power as the current Series X?

"Hybrid" doesn't mean Cloud only. It means it will have something in it to help the xCloud side of things.

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  • Indiana Jones
  • Oblivion Remaster
  • Doom Year Zero
  • Project Kestrel
  • Project Platinum
  • The Elder Scrolls VI
  • Licensed IP
  • Fallout 3
  • Ghostwire Tokyo Sequel
  • Dishonoured 3

We f*cking eating. This is without even getting into what XGS and ABK are releasing and this document is old (I think 2020) so doesn't include anything greenlit between then and now I would assume, as I doubt Tango is fully on Ghostwire Tokyo 2. Project Platinum is Machine Games apparently, I'm assuming Wolfenstein III then and it would be releasing after Indiana Jones.

Zenimax remastering Fallout 3 and Oblivion is brilliant. The licensed IP has to be Star Wars too as publishers only know what Star Wars is for licensed IP nowadays. Bit disappointed it's Doom again instead of a Quake reboot buuuuut Doom Year Zero sounds like a prequel origin story and that will be awesome, I'm a bit confused they're releasing an expansion alongside it though, Lol.

This document predates Ghostwire's release date FWIW. Also, ain't no way that Starfield and Elder Scrolls have a 3 year gap. Ghostwire Sequel just feels a bit odd to me, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't happen and Tango moves onto something else, it's a title which was greenlit before it even entered development so we have to be careful with this stuff.

The FTC is giving us an E3 2.0! We forgive you Lina Khan! Jk.

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The line-up stuff is meh cause it has happened before and happens literally all of the time.

The business stuff though, Microsoft will be pissed, I wonder whose fault it was because if it was FTC's then I expect a lawsuit.

They may be switching to ARM and they're planning a Handheld Device too.

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These Documents are 2020.

I think this leak dwarfs the Nvidia leak, one of if not the largest in gaming history

Confirmed that xCloud has been significantly scaled back.

aTokenYeti said:

I think this leak dwarfs the Nvidia leak, one of if not the largest in gaming history

It is the biggest leak in gaming history as it includes business plans.

Like I said, if FTC is to blame then I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft sues the shit out of them.

If it's Microsoft to blame then the employees responsible will be fired.

What I would keep repeating though is these documents all appear to be years old, like around 2020, basically plans can change.