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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Empire - Starfield Has Surpassed 10 Million Players, Biggest Bethesda Launch of All-Time

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- Heavy focus on new IP.

- XGSP had over 12 games in development as of GDC in March.

- Sounds like they have 8 subdivisions (or teams) with 8 leaders.

  1. Brian Stone: PC games and Asian Pacific region focus, Cloudjima falls here.
  2. Amy Small: Focused on Single Player games which they call "prestige" games
  3. Chrystin Cox: Oversees business strategy and also "live ops" games (assuming GAAS).
  4. Kim Swift: In charge of cloud games at the studio.
  5. Elysse Baldwin: Oversees what they call "spotlight focus", games or developers focused on underserved communities and diversity and inclusion.
  6. Yorg Newman: In charge of simulation games, Flight Sim falls here.
  7. Jason Garwood: Oversees games developed in the Nordic area (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, cool that they have a team dedicated to this area), Contraband probably falls here (my guess is they have some other games from the region).
  8. Scott Guest: Oversees the services team (infrastructure, performance and other stuff).

Summary Thanks to Marano

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Ryuu96 said:

Jade Empire 2? avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

This boarding bug at The Den is starting to become very annoying. I'm now locked into a single companion because of it, because Andreja's loyalty quest takes you to The Den which I haven't been able to board for days due to the boarding bug (which is caused by docking a pirated ship at The Den to sell it, which I did), and you can't change companions until a Loyalty quest is completed. Seems the only known fix at this time is to rush the main story and go into NG+, so I guess that is what I'm going to have to do now.

Taking a pirated ship to The Den to sell contraband that is on board and then the ship itself is also what caused me to lose the two merchants at New Atlantis spaceport apparently, when you go to leave the den after docking a pirated ship there you are teleported to New Atlantis spaceport (which I remember happening), and various parts of the Spaceport map are permanently deleted after that, including possibly NPC's, the 5000 credit Trade computer that is near the dock, and clothing (which also explains my naked NPC's on the spaceport map). So PSA: Don't take a pirated ship to The Den if you don't want to wind up like me.

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After what just leaked MS probably regrets ever trying to buy ABK, Jim Ryan eating good today XD

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That is a BIG leak that happened. 

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so if the series S is a speaker, X a fridge, X refresh is what? an Air purifier?

Phil gonna wake up angies... Looking good though. Excited for the Remasters if true. 

So the worst Bethesda game gets a remaster over Morrowind … smh. Dishonoured 3 tho :o … that makes me happy!!

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Those Xbox joycons tho …

Ride The Chariot || Games Beat ‘23

My thoughts on everything that leaked:

The Good

-Fantastic Zenimax schedule, Indiana Jones releasing sooner than anyone expected, the earlier Oblivion remaster leak confirmed and Fallout 3 getting a remaster too, licensed IP game coming (likely the Star Wars Mandalorian game that has been rumored in the past), Dishonored 3, a brand new codename game Project Platinum, current Doom series #3, and Ghostwire Tokyo getting a sequel all in a span of just a few years

-Original S model dropping to $199 Black Friday 2024 to clear out remaining stock before discontinue, it will sell crazy well at that price

-Mid-gen refresh controller has the haptics of PS5 and many other nice improvements

The Bad

-Xbox is only expecting to be at 30m sales when the Series X refresh releases Q4 2024, which means that the Xbox Series manufacturing woes still aren't over (they'd hit close to 30m just this year if they had proper stock for Holiday 2023)

-Not a single physical model planned for the mid-gen refresh, no disc drive S model, no X refresh model with disc drive, and no plug-in disc drive either like Sony is doing on their PS5 refresh, RIP physical on Xbox

-Local/cloud hybrid hardware plans for next-gen, sounds like a huge disaster in the making to me, infrastructure is still not ready for cloud gaming even in the US and won't be by 2028 either, and the situation is even worse in other countries, a cloud focused console is DOA in developing markets where gaming is starting to grow like South America and Africa. I think I may be going with PC/PS6 next gen if Xbox goes through with this plan.

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