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I believe my one from months ago got dickdeleted. Top 10 most played as of 2023, very little has changed but FH5 has overtaken FH4.

1. CP77 (365hrs)
2. Elden Ring (280hrs)
3. Stardew Valley (145hrs)
4. Halo MCC (143hrs)
5. FH5 (129hrs)
6. FH4 (126hrs)
7. Borderlands 3 (103hrs)
8. Mass Effect Legendary (99hrs)
9. Fallout 4 (97hrs)
10. Skyrim (88hrs)

Honourable mentions

13. Persona 5 (78hrs)
17. Hades (58hrs)
29. Disco Elysium (35hrs)

Ride The Chariot

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Random thoughts.

- Still no date for the "Play your owned titles via xCloud" which was meant to launch last year.

- Still no WW rollout for Family Plan.

- Still no announcement for Forza Horizon 5's 2nd expansion.

- When will 343 speak about what is coming after Season 3 to Infinite?

Just a few lil nuggets of info we're waiting on.

My top Xbox One/Xbox Series playtimes as of now:
(limited to games over 50 hours to cut down on list size)

304 hours: Overwatch 2
209 hours: Halo Infinite
189 hours: Dead By Daylight
171 hours: Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
165 hours: Halo: Master Chief Collection
143 hours: Assassin's Creed Valhalla
112 hours: Dragon Age Inquisition
98 hours: Star Trek Online
95 hours: Witcher 3 (some of my playtime is missing here I believe, must have played it offline some)
95 hours: Final Fantasy XV
81 hours: Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
80 hours: Terraria
73 hours: Cyberpunk 2077
67 hours: Titanfall
66 hours: Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet
65 hours: Assassin's Creed Unity
61 hours: Borderlands 3
59 hours: Far Cry 6
59 hours: Peggle 2
56 hours: Fallout 4 (believe I am missing some playtime here much like Witcher 3 above)
55 hours: Microsoft Flight Simulator
51 hours: Mad Max
50 hours: Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

HiFi reviews so far are very good, so far we have a 9.5, a 10, and an unscored but very positive review. If things keep up like this we could end up with a 90+ average game possibly.

zero129 said:
shikamaru317 said:

Doesn't seem like the new Redfall gameplay won over any more doubters than the E3 gameplay did last year, like/dislike ratio is just as bad if not worse. Seeing 2.2k likes/1.5k dislikes on the main Bethesda Youtube channel, 413 likes and 228 dislikes on Gamespot reposting, 1.2k likes and 482 dislikes on IGN.

I suspect it is the production value throwing most people off as the gameplay seems good (I was a bit skeptical of the game before but they won me over today with the new Gameplay footage). It just doesn't look like a AAA Xbox Series/PC only exclusive should look. In some ways it looks worse than the now 6 year old Dishonored 2, which had to be able to run on base Xbox One. For instance look at the differences in interior quality here:

The hardwood flooring looks worse than in Dishonored 2, the lantern texture sucks compared to similar pieces of environmental clutter on the desk in Dishonored 2, the clothing textures on the man look very outdated, even the lighting seems worse.

I suspect that after Dishonored 2 underperformed in sales, Bethesda pulled alot of their budget, which is why neither Deathloop nor Redfall looked as good graphically as Dishonored 2. It's a real shame. Hopefully Xbox will give them back a proper AAA budget for their next 2 games from Arkane Lyon and Arkane Austin.

I dont think we are looking at the same game. The lighting imo on redfall looks much better. Just look at the shadows. and the reflections. They look Hard on Dis2 but soft like they should look in real life on Redfall. Id imagine they are also using Raytracing and if not they are using something close to it that looks pretty damn good. Its also an open world game and the image you picked doesnt do it justice imo.

I would also say the art direction between the 2 games are totally different.  Going by what one texture looks like between 2 different games really is not a barometer of the texture quality.  I do not believe these 2 images really mean anything.  I also agree with Zero that the lighting looks better in Redfall simply because it doesn't look baked.  Either way, not sure if I really care as I am more interested in the gameplay than anything else.

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I mean, tbf... Bethesda and id both produce some popular franchises like TES and Doom so understandably those would be the headline leading studios. But yes, glad to see Tango getting some of the spotlight with Hi-Fi Rush.

MachineGames or ID Software are going to be the last, I wonder who first.

Ryuu96 said:

MachineGames or ID Software are going to be the last, I wonder who first.

Well, id will have only been working on their next game (current Doom series #3? Quake reboot?) since Doom Eternal released in 2020. Machine on the other hand could have been working on Wolfenstein 3 since either Wolfenstein 2 released in 2017 or since Wolfenstein Youngblood released in 2019 (unless it was postponed or cancelled mid development to concentrate on Indiana Jones first).

If Wolfenstein 3 is in development, it should release before id's next game, possibly as soon as Holiday 2023. If however Wolfenstein 3 was cancelled or postponed, I think that id's next game should be out before Indiana Jones. Doom (2016) took 4.5 years to develop, while Doom Eternal took 2 months less than 4 years to develop, so in theory their next game could be out as soon as Q1 2024, but probably longer due to Covid caused delays during 2020 and 2021, though likely Q4 2024 at the latest. Indiana Jones on the other hand will take longer, Machine has only ever made first person shooters, a 3rd person action-adventure game with stealth elements and puzzles, like Indiana Jones likely is, is all new for them, will have taken them awhile to adjust to the new genre and hire new people better suited to a game like Indiana Jones while staffing up. I think Indiana Jones will be a 2025 release at the soonest most likely.

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Achievements are also not popping for me, but after logging off my Xbox and checking TrueAchievements they are being awarded.

The last 6 haven't popped. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.