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Forums - General Discussion - Celebrate 10 Years With Me!

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Machina said:

Congratulations on 10 years.

I'm really grateful for the work you've put in on the review team. Not just the crazy amount of reviews you've written (346 by my count - more than double the next most prolific writer), but especially for the behind-the-scenes stuff; helping pick new writers, coming up with the review guidelines, always being there if I need a hand with something or some advice.

I hope you stick around for another 10 years!

And of course Spurge sent you your first friend request xD

Speaking of Spurge being a recipient of his first friends requests gains entrance into a select group of every VGChartz member and I mean that literally since knowing Spurge he probably sent backdated first friends requests to those few who here before him. 

Now our lives are reduced to sitting around waiting in forlorn hope for the arrival of the certificate Spurge promised us all.

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Dang nostalgia. I admit my first thought was thinking "I still have a long while till I reach 10 years" but then looked at the dates and realized it's next June! Lol.

How are you doing?

Congrats on the 10 year run.