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Forums - Sony Discussion - How hard would you explode if Chrono Trigger had the same FF7 Remake treatment with PS4 engine and gameplay?

SegaHeart said:
Chrkeller said:

I would prefer a simple HD 2D remaster. I don't need Chrono Trigger released in episodes with a bunch of items behind paywalls.

Not in episodes but a full game in 3D. Just like what if Super Metroid was 3D?

Metroid is better in 2D.  Prime is overrated and Dread was perfection.  Just my opinion, some games are better in 2D, like castlevania.

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IcaroRibeiro said:
JCGamer55 said:

I'm still shocked by how Chrono Trigger managed to have one of the most unforgettable journeys in just 15 hours of length. That's why it deserves a FFVII Remake treatment. I don't want the same experience, I want something new that makes me appreciate the source material even more.

This. What's the point of 2D HD, it would be almost the same as the original release and I'm not a fan of rebuying the same game 382897289 times, I already had 2 versions of Chrono Trigger (DS version and Steam version) so a third purchase is a no-no for me

I love 2D HD games, but they need to be significantly new for me to consider a purchase, otherwise, I will stick with my Steam version. It plays good enough already

That's said, a 2D-HD would be neat for someone who never played the original before. I would appreciate if they make this effort to sell this game for a new generation 

For me it is via lack of access.  I don't have a DS nor do I PC game.  It would be nice of square would give access to their old SNES classics.