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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Is the Switch 2 Getting ORIN (2022) or ATLAS (2025) Nvidia Tegra chip for a 2025 release?


Next Tegra Chip for Switch 2:

ORIN (2022) 18 62.07%
ATLAS (2025) 4 13.79%
Cell Broadband Engine (PS3 2006) 7 24.14%
quailman said:

The next gen switch will most likely use Orin soc as Nintendo has a 10 year partnership with Nvidia so Nintendo using an amd apu is out of the question.

There's has been numerous rumors swirling around on when the next gen switch will release and a 2024/5 is a good guess but I got a feeling the next gen switch will release much sooner than people think.

The rumor from 2021 where nvidia has discontinued the tegra x1 line seems to be true as Nvidia has been gearing up production of the orin soc for mass sales. We already know from the Nvidia leaks that there is a handheld device that will be using DLSS 2.2 through data leaks. ( ).

We also have seen large delays on currently announced switch games, Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild 2 and Metroid prime 4 (been restarted 2 already). As for BOTW2 we have had some teaser trailers a couple years back but since then it's been radio silent on a release date and news on the games. There also has been some rumors going around that Nintendo also requested 3rd party developers to prepare 4k textures for the next gen switch that's dated back in 2021.

I would give moore's law is dead a view because he has some insider information that he is willing to share at this moment in regards of the next gen switch as well.

I don't understand how it seems to be true that Nvidia discontinued the Tegra X1 line. Nintendo is still manufacturing Switch units en masse. Discontinuing that product would foolishly be flushing money down the toilet. 

In addition, Nvidia has listed that the Jetson Nano line, which uses a Tegra X1, will still be available until 2025. So it's actually verifiably false that they are discontinuing the product currently. It has, at least, three more years on the market.