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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Cloud Streaming vs. Locally Downloaded Games

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Cloud Streaming or Local DL Games

Cloud Streaming 2 14.29%
Locally Downloaded onto Console/PC 12 85.71%

I have a fairly decent connection, but, as of now, Cloud gaming is pretty much unplayable. Unless it's something like turn based.

Gaming is different than videos. I'm probably going to be playing a game for at least a couple of weeks, so an up front install is not a big deal. And, I'm also rarely in situations where I need to play a particular game right away, or just want something to have playing in the background. It could make sense for other people, if it can be done properly, but for "hardcore" gamers, it doesn't make a ton of sense.

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IcaroRibeiro said:

In theoretical level Cloud is much better. You don't own digital games anyway, you just have a license that can be revoked

Except you can totally own digital games, well some of them at least. Whatever I buy on GOG can't be revoked.

I stand against cloud always, so definitely in favor of locally downloaded here, but it doesn't matter much if the game has Denuvo or any other kind of crap like that. Just yesterday I was trying to play GotG and having a nightmare because Steam kept messing up my controller settings, which wouldn't happen if I could just run the game outside of Steam.

If a game has no DRM, then it's another story. A game like that, you own. You can play it with no internet connection always, on any computer. If GOG servers explode or more realistically the company shuts down or whatever, doesn't matter, as long as I have the installers downloaded I can keep them forever. It's how any digital content should work but unfortunately that's not the world we live in. Hell even some physical content doesn't work like that anymore, never mind that BMW car bullshit.

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Downloads are better, by FAR! I'm playing a game in Steam's offline mode right now, it's the only way to have a game running on 1 PC while having another game on my 2nd PC. Besides that, my internet isn't exactly reliable so being booted out of a game every time it had a hiccup would be ridiculously annoying.

Plus recently there's been a game updated with changes I don't want. Rather than being forced to play the new version I've been able to remain on an older version before those changes (and share the files with others so they could return to that version). Another thing that couldn't be done with streamed games.