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Forums - Sales Discussion - When will the Switch successor launch ?


When will the Switch successor launch ?

Fall 2022 1 1.47%
Spring 2023 4 5.88%
Fall 2023 6 8.82%
Spring 2024 13 19.12%
Fall 2024 24 35.29%
Spring 2025 15 22.06%
Fall 2025 5 7.35%

With past it's peak (2020) and it's second to best year (2021) Switch is going on downslope now and the successor shouldn't be much far away now.

Nintendo has some moves in the past that has cut some sales on previous consoles by announcing the next successor however Switch is now it's only primary console and they may want to wait before announcing and releasing new successor this time since the system is still making great numbers weekly and yearly with expectations around 20M for this year. Also there is good amount of software that is on way to release for the system. When do you think Nintendo will release their console ? And when will announce it ?

Let's vote!

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I’ve been going with Holiday 2024 for quite a while. As much as releasing a new Switch with BOTW2 in Spring 2023 sounds like a great strategy, I think the chip shortages, as well as the “bird in a hand is worth two in a bush” will keep the successor at bay.

They also need to get a launch ready and I just don’t see that happening in less than a year, considering the pandemic/other console launches that likely have required a bit of resources.

Waiting until 2024 will let them stack up some great 1st Party titles that will compel users to adopt, as well as allowing third parties enough time to adapt and create their own system sellers.

Im also more than a little worried about the speed of adoption to the new system. Nintendo is known to break tradition and create off the wall products, but they may be feeling a bit stuck this time around and the main selling point of a Switch 2 could just be more power. That certainly doesn’t get me excited, but I also know that in the long run it’s probably the best course of action.

March 2024.


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Fall 2022 seems like the obvious pick.

No, really, what the hell lol. I've been saying 2024 for a while, unsure if spring or fall, but recently I've started thinking it may be even further away. Going with spring 2025 on this one.

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I believe I said this pre-covid semiconductor shortage here multiple times but the EARLIEST I think we'll see it is March 2024. Intel's CEO recently said he expects the shortage to continue into 2024 so if that happens, March 2025 is the latest I'd expect a successor.


JWeinCom said:


Nah.  Gaming stuff launches on Tuesdays.  

I could see them releasing any time during 2024-2026, but most likely it will be in 2025.

no reason to come out before 2025 the way the world is atm.

Atlan samples come out in 2023 so could be a good platform for 2025 to be on with updated dlss tech.



Fall 2024 seems most likely to me. March 2024 or March 2025 is also possible.