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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Year and a half into the generation, which of the new consoles do you own?


Which of the new consoles do you own?

PS5 disc 10 16.67%
PS5 digital 2 3.33%
Xbox series x 7 11.67%
Xbox series s 1 1.67%
PS5 disc and digital 0 0%
Xbox series X and s. 1 1.67%
A PS5 (disc/digital) and an Xbox (X/S) 4 6.67%
None but plan on getting a PS5 12 20.00%
None but plan on getting a Xbox 4 6.67%
None and not interested in any at the moment 19 31.67%

I've got an Xbox Series S and that might be it as I am working on PC upgrades. I've got a new top of the line AMD CPU, 1 TB SSD, and 32 GB of ram. At this point all I need is a new GPU. After that I will mainly game on the PC. 

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