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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What singleplayer games have you replayed the most times?

I've played Dragon Age Inquisition for over 1000 hours, so who knows how many times that is as generally I can co a main campaign in 25-30 hours, I've restarted loads of times mid way through as well. I'd put Skyrim up there. Crash 1 and 2. FF7, 8, 9, 10 12.

While it is MP, I've never played Diablo 3 with anyone, only solo, 600 hours in that.

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Now that I think of it, has to be Contra on the NES. Lord knows how many times I've played it when I was a kid.

Probably Hades if you count every successful run as beating the game but for more standard games I would guess it's Mega Man 2. Once you know what you're doing you can easily finish it under an hour and the combination of having so much free time and a limited number of games to play when I was young means that I've played through it many many times.

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Easily the original The Legend of Zelda.  Even with all the Randomizers and ROM Hacks out there, which I do try as well, I still do a complete playthrough of the original frequently.  Last year, I attempted (and completed) a "No Sword Run" for the first time.  I especially love the freedom of how you begin your quest.  Even though it has no value until paired with the Magic Wand, I always go into Level 8 way earlier than I'm supposed to (or need to) and get the Magic Book just because I can.

Probably the GBA Pokemon games. I've played RSE and FRLG so many times I've lost count. Also the GBA Fire Emblem games, I used to play those all the time back in the day.

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It honestly would be a toss up between the Pokémon GBC games or Batman Arkham Asylum. An odd choice for sure, but I loooooove to replay Arkham Asylum every year since it came out. Especially around Halloween time. And not just a quick playthrough. I love to 100% the game every time! It's a timeless classic for me.