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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I am pissed I got charged for online membership without my consent

SegaHeart said:

I have Steam I should probably join the PC master race? 

Yes, just get a steam deck, I can absolutely recommend it. It feels pretty much like a console but comes without all that online subscription bullshit, all the emulators you want and more hentai games than you could ever play in your entire life. What's not to like?

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SegaHeart said:

All I got in my home right now to eat is 3 bags of pop secret popcorn, jar of jelly and wonder bread >_> for drink I have orange juice I'm down bad. also I edited my comment

Juice? WTF Drink water its free and better for you.

Also eat healthy and cheaper, Dry beans (soak them for 24 hours) or rice, potatoes. You literally can spend less than half of what you spend now on Food and your body will thank you.

SegaHeart said:

Because of the bull of taking away reoccuring billing from Nintendo and Sony, all 3 jackasses companies charged me this month, Oddly recorruring is turned on but I turned those off before wtf, I removed my credit card from all 3 off these sucka's leechers . They need to understand last month I fucking paid $810 on a fucking wisdom tooth removal, not everybody can recouperate money fast. I'm now thinking I should give the finger to these companies and just get my yearly $60 for the year instead of the son of a bitch reocurring charges my pathetic bank account cant handle it and these the f'ing big 3 fuck the big 3 where's Sega? I rather pay Sega like Sega Net on the Sega Saturn. and be consumer friendly and not have a paywall to pay online I agree Microsoft is the worst thing to happen to gaming their stupid paid online back in xbox 360 for $60 was nasty that price was to big. I'm back in the Negative on my bank I owe them -$24 thanks corporate I have no money for food next week. piss off.

You really think Sega, the company happily announcing charging extra for "character animations in the main menu" and "letterbox backgrounds" in Sonic Origins, is any more "consumer friendly" than the other companies you mentioned? 

I can assure you that if Sega was still in the hardware development game, they would be charging for their online just like everyone else.  They might not have been the first to charge for it, but I'm absolutely certain they wouldn't have been the only one to not charge for it.