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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - PlayStation Preservation Team is What Nintendo Should Be Doing Too

IcaroRibeiro said:
Chrkeller said:

I have an advance degree in chemistry....  I do not agree with your view scientific production wouldn't exist if ownership is restricted.  For starters most products have restricted ownership by corporations and that creates competition which feeds innovation.  One of the reasons I have over 60 patents is to beat out my competitors and own spaces.  If everything I did was public domain I wouldn't work half as hard as I do, because it removes incentive.  Not too mention scientistific transfer of ownership is one of the reasons many items are overpriced in the market place.

Software industry is only viable because of free licenses. Imagine if we need to pay for every lib and framework we use. We would be trapped in the 90's levels of technology because every piece of software would demand people to rework in things over and over

Wondering how much more developed chemistry industry could be if they share the same mindset, maybe then people would stop paying premium prices for medicines 

People pay a premium for medicines because it costs hundreds of millions to develop and the patent is time limited.  It can easily take 10 years to get a new medicine on the market and prices are high to recover all the investment quickly....  because exclusivity is timed.  If it weren't timed, prices would be lower because there wouldn't be the inevitable generic on the horizon.  Just my experience in the industry.  As a quick example, a single clinical study can be tens of millions in cost...  one study.  Patents are not why medicine costs are high.  Timed exclusivity combined with long regulatory pathway drives costs.

As for software, I'll take your word for it.  I know nothing about software, it isn't my expertise.    

Last edited by Chrkeller - on 30 April 2022