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Is free speech suppressed on the internet's main public squares

Yes 47 51.65%
No 40 43.96%
Undecided 4 4.40%

Well you have to give it to Musk, it appears he is having a lot of fun with his new toy. I am surprise he did not just put linking to other social media platforms behind the blue check mark instead of trying to ban it completely. I also wonder if he knew he was violating EU laws and such or if by nuking most of the work force, the people who would have alerted him to that part no longer work there. Its never a really good look when you just throw a bunch of stuff at the wall only to have to walk them back a few days later especially for someone like Musk who seems to pride himself on his decision making. It gives the impression that he really have no clue what he is doing and since there is no one to actually tell him so, it shows as he wakes up and just throw out new commandments.

Musk paid 44 billion dollars for this company and seems to forget it operates in multiple countries where he probably should first check if he is violating laws before making these decrees. Either way, I believe the poll probably will go south for him and we will see who he puts in place. It would be funny if the new CEO operates the same as Muck which would then make people believe he did just install a puppet so someone else takes all the criticism.

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That twitter support message was deleted by twitter support some hours later, so I guess they realized it's probably not gonna be legal outside of the US.
Or maybe due to the backlash, because that EU law won't go into effect until a few months from now I hear.

As long as he doesn't replace himself with Trump or Kanye, it probably can't get worse.
But I think maybe he should stay. He's put the company towards bankruptsy with no idea how to recoup the 1B annual debt he put on it when he bought it using money he didn't have.

Him leaving is probably just so that he can blame someone else at the end of the fiscal year, as if he didn't cause the mess.

The poll has been closed for hours now (step down won) and Elon's last post was 16 hours ago 💀

Anyway, this is some hilariously pathetic shit.

Also, Lol.

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I can't decide which group entertains me the most; the anti-Musk brigade or the Musk fanboys. Personally, I'd have hoped he stayed on and managed to kill Twitter, it's by far the most worthless social media platform out there and filled with BS and cheap potshots in every direction. I've never seen anything worthwhile or stimulating come off of Twitter.

I bet it was only a really big coincidence that Musk and Kushner watched the World Cup final together with some Sheiks who they get their money from  lol

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Back in the day the people of today who see themselves in a culture war simply went to the pub to ramble about their common sense-lacking thoughts. They were happy to be with people who agreed with them, the remaining vast majority was happy to have the mental diarrhea mostly confined to a place they wouldn't go to anyway.

The most perplexing thing - actually, it isn't perplexing to have such a major contradiction coming from people who can't think straight to begin with - is that they believe that social media are public squares that don't have to follow the rules of public squares, but are instead a free-for-all that doesn't exist in any democratic country's physical public squares.

The poll in this thread is quite sad with its 53% vs. 43% split, especially because the option for the perceived suppression is winning. But this is the way of the internet: It makes it easy for minorities to believe that they actually belong to the majority.

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You know I wonder what Elon would do if the poll was in favor of him staying but the impact to his other business continued to get nuked. Also with all the conditions he is throwing out there it seems like he really do not want anyone to run the company other than himself. I wonder even if he hired a new CEO and that person does something that goes against how he feels he would do things would he fire that person right away. I can see that happening where he hire and then fire new CEOs after about a month or 2 on the job because no body can do the job like himself.

He finally (kind of) acknowledged the poll results late into the day, way slower than he acknowledged all his previous ones, so he can respond to this.

But Elon said he dealt with Twitter's bots 🤡

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Be careful what you wish for? What are they wishing for Elon?

Ryuu96 said:
KiigelHeart said:

One example is from 2020 when Twitter blocked New York Post from tweeting until they agreed not to post anything about Biden's son's laptop story. And this imo is a bigger thing than Musk banning a journalist for sharing a link to an account which tracks his plane (if this is what happened, I'm not sure but I'm very much against doxxing of any kind).


It is publicly available data, so I don't agree that it counts as doxing, anyone can look this stuff up, it took me under a minute to find it, it's a bit like someone publicly posting their house on Twitter and someone reposting it, that isn't doxing Imho. You'd probably have to push law to make stuff like ADS-B illegal and other flight trackers.

But the location is broadcasted by the jet as required by law, no matter who owns it, you want a private jet, it has to be registered, if he doesn't want to be tracked in this way then he can just fly commercial like the rest of us, Lol.

Plus Musk said that he wouldn't ban the account, then suddenly changed Twitter's rules to make this kind of thing against the rules and suddenly banned the account and since I don't agree the above is doxing, I really don't agree that journalists reporting on it is doxing, it's public data and it's a constantly moving jet, it isn't like Musk lives there, by the time journalists report on it, he'll be gone.

ElonJet IIRC was set up to expose Musk's hypocrisy on climate change whilst constantly using a private jet, similarly people have tracked other celebrities private jets across the years cause it's pretty easy to find this stuff out (and a lot recently used it to track Russian Oligarchs, Lol).

Twitter blocked NYP because they had a policy against leaking hacked materials, which is a lot more understandable than publicly available data, Imo. But hey it's Musk's Twitter now so w/e, he can create all the rules he wants, I just don't agree that it is doxing, he just had a grudge against that ElonJet account.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast - Wikipedia

Imo doxxing can be done by sharing public information. It might not be illegal but social media platforms should monitor such behaviour. Identifying information like names, phone numbers, home address etc are publicly available in many countries. If this information is shared in a way it's likely to lead to harrasment and threats then it's not ok.

Twitter might have had more understandable reasons to block NYP but in my opinion it was still a bigger deal to block such news. And I read they consider they made a mistake blocking it and it wasn't a clear-cut violation of their policy against hacked materials. Anyway, I do not think it was a good decision and this laptop became a holy grail of conspiracy theories and far-right propaganda. 

And I don't agree with you Musk can or should be allowed to create all the rules he wants :P Imo these huge social media platforms should be considered kind a like 'public squares' when it comes to freedom to express your opinion or share news. Free speech doesn't  cover fake news, doxxing, threats and other illegal stuff of course.

But he shouldn't ban people for their opinions. A right-wing echo chamber isn't what conservatives (maybe outside of the most extreme ones) want either, so Twitter will certainly die if Musk starts banning left-leaning opinions. It's not looking good so far.