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Is free speech suppressed on the internet's main public squares

Yes 47 51.65%
No 40 43.96%
Undecided 4 4.40%


What an absolute coward.

Linktree as well... Almost every content creator uses Linktree.

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Notice how platforms like Parler and Gab aren't prohibited.

Captain Free Speech strikes again!

After censoring journalism, he’s now incorporating anti-competition censorship on his free speech absolutist platform.

Who’d have thought that having one corporate billionaire in charge of Twitter was going to end up in anti-free speech and anti-competitive measures?

To be real, I think Twitter is a shitty environment full of dog whistling, virtue signalling, and weird aggressive pessimistic “true fan” crusades. Now it’s in fast decline—maybe society will be better off if it ceases to be important.

But it’s still funny seeing all the Elon Musk “He’ll save free speech in the new free speech town square!” getting proven wrong. Now they’re retreating into The Steel Caves of Hypocrisy (also, as legend has it, the original title of a great Isaac Asimov book). It turns out his supporters were lying about being free speech absolutists. They were just common cultists without any ethical standards, devoted to the histrionic billionaire who bought the golden calf.

You guys know you can leave cults, right? 

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I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

Free speech going really well.

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This will backfire REALLY fast. Looks like just another factoid deployed by Elon, I wouldn't bother much

I can't wait to see what Elon's next 'enhancement' to free speech is! But remember, things are going super-well for Twitter, as he likes to remind us!

New thread title is too short, too sweet, too perfect.

Hiku said:

From day one he should have just fucked off and let someone else who actually knows what they're doing be the CEO whilst he sits back as a silent owner but Elon's ego was too big to do that, even if he "steps down" I strongly doubt he won't just be pulling the strings in the background whilst someone else takes all of the criticism because Musk is a cowardly little boy who can't take it himself.

I still voted yes so I don't have to see this moron doing Twitter polls to decide company policies anymore and because I hope the poll will hurt his feelings if we collectively tell him to piss off, Lol.

He'll probably appoint some nutjob as CEO though.

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