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Forums - Sony Discussion - State of Play - 9 March (PS4/ PS5 updates)

WHY DOES EVERY SHOOTER HAVE TO BE ONLINE ONLY..FUUUUUCK. I just want a fun single player TPS. A Even Gundam is just a shitty Overwatch clone

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

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ExoPrimal announcement from Capcom

New Ghostwire Tokyo launch trailer

New Stranger of Paradise Trailer + New Demo Available Today

Fospoken "Worlds Collide" trailer

Gundam Evolution 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cowabunga Edition Announcement

Gigabash Rawa Reveal Trailer

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R

New Trek To Yomi Story Trailer

Returnal Ascension DLC, Co-Op Multiplayer and survival mode being added

The Diofield Chronicle Announcement by Square Enix

Valkyrie Elysium Announcement Trailer

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So far I am most excited about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cowabunga Collection...But that's just because I was obsessed with most of those games as a kid.


They announced a lot of games.
Hit you with the weirdness of JoJo.
Roundhouse kick you with Returnal. Uppercut you with with Co-op in Returnal
Back hand you with two new SE games. One looking very tactics like.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

That rocked.
No FF16 or re4r, and was still very solid showing of games.

Edit: but I'll admit some stuff looked a little rough, but we'll see when they launch.

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Ok that last one was cool to see.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

I wasn't expecting a new Valkyrie Profile (Well, Elysium). I love that franchise, since PS1/PS2 days. After Covenant of the Plume, they kinda forgot about the series.

The gameplay looks kinda generic, though. But not bad at all.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.

Very different state of play but a very solid one, around 8-9/10.

Will "fans" still going to complain??

With expectations in check, the showcase was a lot better than I expected, 7/10 all things considered.

A surprising Capcom announcement, Strangers of Paradise demo, Ghostwire Tokyo trailer, free campaign/multiplayer update on Returnal, & The Diofield Chronicle from Square Enix, which IMO is the highlight of the show.

PotentHerbs said:

The best case scenario I could see for tomorrows State of Play:

- Ghostwire Tokyo
- Final Fantasy Origins
- RE8 DLC + RE2/3 PS5 footage
- Final Fantasy Pixel
- Triangle Strategy PS4/PS5 announcement
- Soul Hackers 2

You got 1 of these officially correct but I would almost give you half credit for Square Enix doing another tacticslike game for PS.