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Which is the best?

Resistance Fall of Man 4 14.29%
Resistance 2 13 46.43%
Resistance 3 11 39.29%

Resistance 3 was the best in the series. Everything felt better in the series and it brought back campaign coop.
Resistance 2 was good campaign, I loved how big of a scale it changed from the original but the absence of campaign coop was a deal breaker
Resistance 1 was good introduction and loved that they included coop.

I'm seriously hoping since MS buying Activision that Sony would step back up their FPS games and revive this awesome franchise (along with Killzone).

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Fei-Hung said:

A heard a lot of complaints about Resistance 2 but loved it way more than the first and the third.

The third was good, but the second was a true insomniac game, where they went and had fun and for me, it really showed in the gameplay. The weapon wheel, crazy encounters and level design.

They did co-op missions with several players before destiny did, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if Bungie took note of this.

Resistence 3 took all the fu out as "gritty and real" was the thing then. Gone were set pieces, fun weapons, amazing encounters and brown tone grit. This is why I hate gaming journalists. Sometimes they will praise a game for one thing, and put down another game for the same thing. The inconsistency is wild even when it comes to YouTubers.

Gone were the setpieces? R3 had plenty to my recollection; the assault on a moving train, fighting the "Satan" monster in a collapsing mine, fighting a gunship on a wrecked bridge, the Widowmaker fights, including one that's threeway mayhem between it, you, and the Chimera, the attack on the Mad Max esque prison where you, the feral inmates and the Chimera are all engaging each other at will, etc.

I also feel like it had some of the most fun weapons in the series including most of the best ones from 1 and 2 plus awesome additions like the cryogun (freezing and shattering enemies never got old) and atomizer which could shoot out a miniature black hole. (Also never stopped feeling awesome) R3 also brought back the weapon wheel, after R2 cut it out and replaced it with the "realistic" two weapon limit used by most other shooters.

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