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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - I got a Series X


How does this make you feel?

Medisti, you traitor. You... 1 2.56%
I am indifferent to this news 6 15.38%
Why not PS5, though? 4 10.26%
Welcome, fellow Xbot. 23 58.97%
lol not PC 1 2.56%
All of the above, including indifference 4 10.26%
All of the above, excluding indifference 0 0%
Medisti said:
Mr Puggsly said:

Rise of the Tomb Raider is honestly one of my favorite action adventure games. I actually completed the 360 version recently just for comparison.

There is nothing spectacular about it, I just find it fun and enjoy exploring the world. The DLC ain't bad either.

I played about five hours of it. It was indeed not spectacular. Pretty sure I've figured out the entire plot after the first few cutscenes. I mean, the set-pieces were great, but the gameplay boiled down to "Hold forward and occasionally press jump." It looks great, but it's essentially shiny Super Mario Bros. I had more fun during the hunting segment, though. I'll need to play deeper to really judge it.

I should also mention that I did follow the advice here and got Game Pass. My fiancee wants ESO so we can retire the PS4 and it's on the service, so I was forced under duress to do so. Nifty service, but the actual games listed are like 10% great games and 90% fodder. So, the same as all streaming-style services, am I right, folks?

 Vast majority of the games are rated above average or much better so I wouldn't call it folder. It really comes down to personal taste. Keep an eye out for the monthly releases to see what might interest you. What makes the service great is discovering games you may use not bought but end up trying out and really enjoying.