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Forums - Movies & TV - James Gunn to Focus on DC TV After Marvel's Guardians Vol. 3

"I think I pretty much have decided that after I'm done with Guardians, I'm going to be doing television for at least a year. My mind's made up on that," Gunn confirmed with Variety. "Not all the shows that we're dealing with are things that I'm going to be writing and directing, so some of them may take different amounts of my time. Peacemaker is going to be me writing, me directing, and spending all my time on set. But other shows that may not be writing and directing or not directing all the episodes."  

Talks of another series set in the world of Gunn's The Suicide Squad have "advanced a lot," he added. "Hopefully, in not too long, people will know more about that. It's not 100%. But we've been working heavily on it. So that would be something that would happen in addition to Peacemaker Season 2." 

Gunn previously stated he has "no plans" to return for a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 4 at Marvel Studios, saying the upcoming threequel set for May 2023 is "the end for us, the last time people will see this team of Guardians." 

Peacemaker's James Gunn to Focus on DC TV After Marvel's Guardians Vol. 3

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 21 February 2022