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Sniper Elite 5 has some fantastic terrain detail thanks to careful art crafting and photogrammetry. It's one of the first next gen examples of advanced terrain deformation that I've seen thus far!


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It is actually pretty scary how good the characters in this game look in motion! Has that Heavy Rain uncanniness going on, yes, but like it, for its time, character models have reached that point!

The game makes use of some fantastic DoF as well!


wtf is wrong with the eyes?

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kirby007 said:

wtf is wrong with the eyes?

Not sure what you mean with the stills (I tried to capture them in moments that looked a bit more lifelike), but in motion, they do have a bit of a "creep" factor going on.


The next Forza Motorsport is looking like it's gonna be a great gen 9 showcase.