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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Game Pass subscribers reaches 25 million

SvennoJ said:

The goal is not to get the CoD and Battlefield players from PS over to GamePass. The goal is to get hundreds of millions of subscribers from the 6 billion smart phone users floating around.

For those just playing CoD, FIFA yearly it will still remain a better deal to buy the games out right. Gamepass is only beneficial is you buy an play a lot of different games. If you're just interested in playing a few games a lot, it doesn't make sense to lay down $180 a year and prices will only go up.

The 69 billion dollar deal comes with CoD mobile, Candy Crush and Diablo Immortal (in the works for mobile phones). Mobile has been making more money for Activision/Blizzard since they absorbed King. The App store and Google play are the new rivals. Tencent the new competitor. But just as with Sony and MS, MS will likely be working together with Tencent (just like Activision-Blizzard worked with Tencent to develop CoD mobile) to break into the mobile phone space.

We might see different tiers for gamepass
- Cheapest, access to mobile games library, ad free downloads and play time
- Middle of the road, streaming to mobile phones added
- Ultimate, full access to PC, Console and Mobile games streaming
Probably more plans, console and PC centric plans will continue as well.

However consoles are on the way out and game development will shift to be made more suitable for streaming and mobile gaming on the go. It's not a future I'm interested in (don't even have a smartphone) but that's where the growth is at. Once MS moves on to play with Apple and Google, Nintendo and Sony (and who knows a new competitor) can pick up the pieces in console development. Although it's looking like Nintendo is going to stick with dedicated handhelds, Sony with consoles while MS has its sights set on the smartphone market.

Nintendo opted out of the console race, MS is moving on from the console market. Sony seems to be simply continuing with what they are good at.

Yeah getting monthly revenue/profit from smartphone gamers would be massive for any business.

Right now Smartphone games mostly take advantage of the whales, but businesses want the steady Netflix revenue/profit and growth. Netflix started the prices low and steadily raised the price of their subscription, I see a similar thing for Gamepass. And MS already tried to raise the price of XBL Gold.

Anyone who owns a phone already pays for a subscription to use the phone and probably a TV plan of some sort, and have a PC. The companies who manage these types of subscriptions are very rich.

MS already has similar things with PC and Console in Windows/ XBL Gold/ Gamepass , so expanding into mobile will be yet another strong pillar for making money.

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chakkra said:

In one paragraph you complain about subscription services and in the very next one you admit that DVD and Blu-ray exist alongside all these streaming services. Now, I´m curious, exactly how does the existence of Netflix and Disney Plus stop you from purchasing your movies?

They still exist, yet the Orville doesn't come out on blu-ray anymore, The expanse S5 is still missing in action on blu-ray. Just two things I could watch on TV before but are now locked behind different streaming services.

It has also become more difficult to get movies on blu-ray. And imo the quality has gone down overall, but that could just be that I don't particularly enjoy these young folks shows and movies :p

Subscription services for music, tv and movies have changed the way they are made, for who they are made, and how they are delivered. Binge watching 6 episode seasons instead of 13 episodes over 13 weeks for example. The music album still exists but is rare nowadays. Movie extras on DVD and Blu-ray peaked over a decade ago and never came to streaming services.

But subscription services indeed don't stop you from buying what's left.