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Forums - Sales Discussion - Ultimate Console Showdown: 2022 - June 11th / 9th gen vs 7th gen /


With it's current pace what are your predictions for XB1 this year

35k-40k 0 0%
40k-45k 1 50.00%
45k-50k 0 0%
50k-60k 1 50.00%
60k+ 0 0%

Updated numbers with WEEK 10!

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Updated numbers with WEEK 11!

If Xbox keeps selling like this 12 million might not be out of the picture.

Updated numbers with WEEK 12!

Yeesh, Sony's numbers are really not looking that great rn. At this rate, Sony might only ship what Switch did in 2017. Really hoping this improves.

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Looks like Switch will win both of it's comparisons.

PS5 not looking too hot, and I don't know if it can recover from it even if the shortages would end now. The next 2 months it needs to catch up to the Switch or else the train will have left the station already.

Updated numbers with WEEK 13!

Updated numbers with WEEK 14!

Changes to the PS5 comparison and adjustments incoming!

Updated numbers with WEEK 15!