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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Favourite game(s) that time forgot

Medal of Honour Heroes 2 on Wii is another one I really liked.

To this day it still has some of the coolest and most satisfying motion controls I've ever played; not only is aiming with the Wiimote beautifully smooth and responsive, but pumping the nunchuk to pump your shotgun, rotating the Wiimote to dial a sniper scope in and out, or placing the Wiimote above your shoulder to simulate a bazooka and hearing it go off next to your ear via the speaker all work great and really enhance the experience in a fun way.

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The Lunar series. Those were right up there with Final Fantasy in my book. I always wanted a Lunar 3 (not the abomination that was Dragon Song.) At this point, I'd settle for a two-pack of both games like they did with Grandia.

The Ultima series. Exodus on Switch would be awesome. A new Ultima made by a competent team that wasn't a cheap P2W cash grab might actually convince me to give money to EA for the first time in almost 20 years.

Breath of Fire series. It would be great if Capcom would put the team that made Monster Hunter Stories 2 to work on that.

The Goemon series. I hope Mystical Ninja comes to Nintendo Switch Online N64.

There was a game called Terra: Battle for the Outlands or something like that. It was an early MMO, focused on a sci-fi future. Really fun, but its dead now.

Also the whole Armor Games/Kongregate/ Stickpage sites. I miss being abke to play some good muktiplayer games on them, such as The Last Castle, or Stick War.

Armored Core (PS1). Gameplay was great with a wide variety of parts, weapons and customization for your Mecha's. I remember having a tonne of fun with friends in multiplayer.

I would say Zone of the Enders as well but that's seen HD re-releases for PS3 and PS4.

Come to think of it, Sin and Punishment on N64 has also been largely shrouded in the mists of time, despite seeing a release on the Wii Virtual Console.

It's a shame, as once you get used to its unconventional control scheme its a real blast, with awesome bosses and setpieces. It holds up better than 95% of games from its generation and is easily one of the top ten games on N64.

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Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

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Syphon Filter.

There is this game that I played in Arcade, which I do not know the title. It is a 3 player game. You can choose from three characters (One female, one younger male, and one older mal). Basically the concept of the game is every level is a boss battle in which you fight a big monster. I remember the first one looks like a house that breathes fire. I remember there is a level in which you fight a giant snow monster (level 3 or 4). Yeah played a lot of coins growing up. I wish i know the title :( I played it in the 90s. Most probably it is from the 80s.