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This thread will serve as a sort of hub/archive for certain threads on VGChartz so that we can support, promote and track them all, along with providing an area for certain legacy threads due to VGChartz's search feature being poor, it will include but not be limited to Official Threads, unlike the previous thread which was solely focused on Official Threads, I thought I would remake it as there's some threads worth promoting which aren't "officially" recognised by the Mod team.

This thread can also be used to discuss any potential thread ideas that you have, gauge community feedback or simply request a thread be created on whatever topic you want (within rules), for example, you want to see if there's enough interest in a thread on a certain game? Ask in here. I will also see about listing certain 'dead' threads, as an example, want to store the Mafia threads here? Or VGChartz's GOTY? I can attempt to make an archive for those but maybe in a separately linked thread.

Official Threads

Onto the topic of Official Threads, I do expect that the majority of threads here will be "Official" tagged but not all, now onto what an Official Thread is, it's essentially a thread approved by Moderators which is focused around a singular topic, for example, Elden Ring |OT| or The Witcher (TV Show). Often you will need a Moderator to approve it before you can claim it is an Official Thread.

The Moderators have an idea for the future of handing out a badge for anyone who runs an Official Thread but the badge is not yet implemented but I will still list what is an Official Thread and what isn't and hopefully hand the badge out at a later date.

Rules on Official Threads

1. Make a commitment to work on your Official Thread, ensure it is maintained and up to date, ensure everything is accurate in it, if none of these are met and the thread is being abandoned or has a poor lack of effort then requests will be entertained by the Moderators for another user to create either a new thread or take over the current one, especially if the topic is a popular one.

2. Update us if you change your mind on creating a certain Official Thread in case somebody else wants to create it, reserve Official Threads with Moderators beforehand so there's no cases of someone else making it (last time I created this thread I had to close multiple OTs on the same topic).

3. Once an Official Thread has been granted, discussions will sometimes be steered towards that thread in rare cases when appropriate, such as trying to contain thread spamming, particularly for a hot topic (such as impressions on a certain film, show or game).

4. Requests for Official Threads have to be granted by Moderators, your thread is not Official if a Moderator has never approved it, in some cases it will make it easier for a user to claim it. Official Threads ran by Moderators require authorisation from another Moderator.

5. Please ensure it is stated, either in this thread or in your own, which Moderator authorised the thread. In the event where neither party can remember then you can ask a Moderator to re-approve it as long as effort is still being put into it.

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Reserved Threads




Future Badge

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Re-opened this thread with a slight reboot, I've moved it away from being focused only on Official Threads, I've tried to find as much as I can and will add more later, if there's anything I missed then feel free to point it out, I'm also considering doing a thread 'Graveyard' listing notable previous threads which are now locked, stuff like the Mafia threads, previous E3 threads, VGChartz's GOTY, etc.

Any ideas for threads that you want to run by here first, feel free.