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Forums - Sony Discussion - What if the PlayStation 2 launched a year later?


What if the PS2 launched in 2001

Sales about the same 5 33.33%
140-150 million units sold 5 33.33%
130-140 million units sold 1 6.67%
Less than 130 million units sold 4 26.67%
Sales more than in real life 0 0%
Illusion said:

As has been mentioned, the entire retro gaming community would collectively cherish the extra year of amazing Dreamcast games that we would have been given. What I would give for a second Skies of Arcadia game...

I do not think that it would have changed much with regards to the PS2's success. The fundamentals of the PS2's success like the DVD player, Sony's amazing relationship with third parties, the dominance of the PS1 which was a gateway to the PS2 as well as the general weakness of the competition at the time would be unchanged. Honestly, delaying a year may have even made the PS2 sell a bit better since it would probably have boasted graphics somewhere between the Gamecube and the XBox just thanks to the faster hardware that would have been available with the extra year. The one complaint that I recall people having with the PS2 was that the Gamecube and especially the XBox had noticeably sharper graphics. I know a few people back then who went with the XBox just because it was the fastest technically and honestly and I really believe that games like Gran Tourismo 3 could have packed an even bigger punch if it was released on top-end hardware. I think that a few folks might have jumped ship from MS to Sony in that gen if Sony had something that was really top of the line for the generation, although it would probably just be a drop in the ocean in terms of the PS2's lifetime sales.

Gran Turismo 3 still had the fantasy stages like racing in Night Cities and other fantasy stages , I hated Gran Turismo 4 though 4 had become more track , then I've seen 5 and 6 then it went mostly track from then on? But the creator tries to cater to more realism than fantasy races like midnight club 3 dub edition remix, Need for Speed Underground 2 , project gotham racing 2 , Ridge Racer etc

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.